Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dante, the Ultimate Player Hater.

Dante, in his infinite wisdom, seems to be oddly judgemental of those who even he deems "worthy", as hell bound. Now, I understand Dante's reasoning, I just have trouble digesting it. Although some of the people in hell were not fortunate enough to receive the "word of God", because the message had yet to be spread, they are doomed to a life of sorrow because they will never know the bliss of God's love. But is it really their "fault", or is it God's bad that in all his wisdom he neglected to properly inform his own creations that, because they didn't love him they are doomed to an after life of unfulfilled moments.
Now I'm not harping on God, I admire the things it has done, I just find it's existence rather convenient. What I mean by that is, instead of letting it be known to all, over all time, that there was a God, and that God would like your support, God just kinda let it slide until some time after the "creation" of man. But I digress from my point a little, which is that Dante punishes people for loving other gods before God wised up and said, "Maybe I should do something about this." While it is rather obvious that Dante is torn. What I mean is that he sees, quite clearly, that people- like Virgil- have the credentials of a heaven bound soul minus one thing, they were born before God had the holy revelation to be more proactive about telling humans about him/herself.
Now I don't want people to get offended by what I have to say, I by no means think that God does not exist, I just have personal qualms with a few of his policies, as set out by Dante. I guess I am just really hoping that there aren't quite so many souls that leave this world bound for hell, never to receive their creators love. I truly felt like I had more to say on this subject but I seem to be loosing my composure, so I will stop myself


Hell's Belle said...

I think it's important to keep in mind that in the Book of Job it says that those who don't ever "hear the Word" are judged by the contents of their heart. Dante thinks only virtuous pre-Christ Jews will get out on this loophole, but I see no evidence of that. The Bible simply states that everyone gets a chance, before or after Christ, to know God.

Deacon Chris said...

I really have trouble with the tone of this and its superficiality. This stuff isn't stupid. There's depth to it. Try to engage that depth.